Mar 26, 2009

A hotspring of ideas

With the obvious evolution of business and culture that is taking place right now, I can't help but wonder what changes will actually stick? What business ideas are the next big ideas of the future? I've got a bunch of ideas in my head right now - I tend to come up with ideas during unique times of transition in order to solve the challenges I'm faced with during the transition.

But my lingering question... How would I even go about pursuing any of these ideas? Are they good ideas or would they only solve my problem and no one else would really care? I sure do wish I could find an outlet to vet these ideas - which prompts me to think of an idea/concept to solve just that!

Despite the bleak economic atmosphere I can't help but be optimistic. I think we are all a part of a tremendous shift in the world as we know it. I'm sad to see our newspapers disappearing, but I think they are a metaphor for what is currently taking place economically. We all need to TRULY be open to real change; don't dig your heels and insist that it has to be the way it's always been, you'll be dead in the water if you do. I don't think newspapers will disappear completely, but I do think they're entire business is fundamentally changing and I don't think the newspaper business was willing to accept that. Same as the music business. And the media/entertainment business. There are very few fields that won't have to change and evolve as technology becomes an extension of our personal being. We all need to focus on the future and be prepared for a wild ride.

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