Mar 25, 2009

What does the future hold???

I've been wondering alot about what the future holds for us particularly with all the great changes taking place on the web. Where are we headed with this information overload? How will we deal with this economic crisis? How will people find the right jobs to match their experience? How can the information gathering get easier?

So, here's a complete train of thought -- what if everyone has their own personal space on the internet that houses EVERYTHING about us? It's our personal space (could it even be on something like Second Life?) and it has all our health information, all our credit information, banking, investments, our work history and resume, any additional information about us (ie: Myers Briggs score?) and then it also has information related to our interests. It's customized and maintained all the time -- whether we do it ourselves physically or technology is capable of pulling the information from external sources of information - and therefore, it is able to pull all the related information available on the internet and provides it to us in an easy to digest format that's customized just for us. It includes everything we typically receive from the newspaper but the information is specifically related to what we would be interested in...

For employment type needs, it enables businesses and individuals to better hone in on the absolute right job match by allowing for specific information to help drive the right pairing. This one would likely make people nervous, but imagine we didn't have to spend so much time trying to find the right job, or the right employee - and instead the exact right fit was identified electronically and it takes into consideration not just your resume, but your personality type?

Essentially, this is our alter existence online, but it's a realistic portrayal of us that includes all our data points pulled into one centralized location. Rather than 'surfing' the web, we live in this space and the information finds us through our space.

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