May 5, 2009

Delivering what the customer wants

Saw this post today via John Winsor (I better be careful or John's going to think I'm a cyber stalker - I'm not; just a fan). Regarding Outsourcing - Justin Ketterer.

Here's my response to Justin on his blog...

I don't think anyone in business - particularly marketing, should get so high and mighty as to think they know better what the customer wants than the actual customer. Embracing the change toward crowdsourcing and finding ways to work (and capitalize) with it just may put some folks in a better position than others.

I wonder if there's a way to crowdsource together; as designer & customer. Let the customer help guide you as a designer and a marketer in the right direction. At my company, we learn the most when we actually spend time experiencing what our customer experiences right along side of them. I just don't think there is anything more important right now than delivering what the customer expects (or more) - surprise and delight, as they say.

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