Jul 13, 2009

I get my morning news from Twitter

These past few weeks I've noticed a change in my morning media ritual. In the past, I always had CNN on in the background and watched the morning news while I surfed the internet for a while or worked out on the treadmill. Lately, (particularly with the completely overblown MJackson news), I've found myself forgetting to turn the TV on entirely and instead, I am on Twitter reading the news stories that folks post. Most of the news I have on Twitter is business news related to my profession, but I find I'm learning alot more about the things I actually care about. Occasionally, NYT breaking news will come through my email in the event there's something I need to know about from a national or global perspective, but I actually wonder if broadcast news will be the next to tumble after newspapers. There certainly is an overwhelming number of news programs -- do we really need ALL of them?