Sep 22, 2009

How fast is too fast?

In my new position working on the agency-side, one of my big assignments is to make things run more efficiently and my other big assignment is to identify a systematic way to enable this efficiency and to help us go faster.

Based on my 8 week observation, we move really fast. I actually have a completely radical idea for creating a system that helps us move extremely swiftly, but it could potentially have us moving so fast that the only thing slowing us down will be humans and I don't know how much faster I can make a human go (short of pumping them full of caffeine). So, I'm wondering what the ramifications would be to making the process and the system go that fast. As much as we all want to be able to multitask, the fact of the matter is it's really hard to do 10 of the same things at the exact same time. For example, if I have 10 things to be proofed by 1 person, that 1 person cannot physically read all 10 at the same time. The only solution is to add another body. Unless of course, I identify things that a computer could be doing before it goes to the proofer so the proofer isn't proofing quite as much - spelling could be proofed by the computer; tone of voice cannot.

If the system moved that fast, would the humans rebel? Will they start to shut down because there's too much pressure to keep up with the system?