Oct 10, 2009

Is web 2.0 the new black?

Funny, I was reading this article today because I'm a huge Raconteurs fan. When I came upon this quote -
"The placements in TV shows these days are about as big a thing as you can do anymore," says Chisel. "It almost is the new radio. It's the new way people are finding out about a lot of music. And there are a lot of really great shows like 'House' or 'Mad Men' or 'True Blood.' We were assured by the people that it was going to be a poignant moment. I was happy and felt like it advanced the plot. A lot of people heard the song and we see people almost every night that that's how they heard [of] us."

Which got me thinking... Is the internet replacing TV as the dominant communication vehicle? And if so, is every other channel below essentially dropping a level in stature? So, TV is now dropping to radio level importance; and radio dropping to print level importance and print dropping to... 8 track level importance (moderately kidding).

Just a thought I had.