Dec 29, 2009

How many computer devices do you have?

We just returned from our holiday visit up North and I observed something very interesting... My mom and stepdad are both close to 70; between the two of them, they have 5 computers and my stepdad also has an iPhone. He's really into his GPS in his car and he also has his car wired for wifi access which came in very handy on our 8 hour drive to visit my brother. My brother and his wife have at least 4 Macs and they both have iPhones. At one point, I looked around the kitchen and there were 7 computers and 5 iPhones.

Is this normal? I'm just curious if other extended families have that many devices? I'm not including our DS, PSP, Wii, 360, etc...

In preparation for the tablet invasion that is allegedly coming next year, I can't help but wonder when our handhelds, laptops, desktops, & tablets will all merge into something that can be resized when necessary. Perhaps we just carry a chip around that can be small when we need to make a phone call, but can enlarge to laptop, desktop or even movie screen size when necessary.