May 3, 2009

My memory chip runneth over

It's been a few days since I posted and I felt compelled to write something today as the week is quickly creeping up on me and my work days don't provide me any downtime to write witty prose (what's that you say? where is the witty prose on this blog? oh - it's coming I tell ya!).

Anyway, I know better than to mix business thoughts with personal thoughts, but my mind has so much churning right now it's hard to distinguish work from personal. At times I think that's good - why should there be a difference? Except maybe when you're playing with your 2 year old and can't stop thinking about work. That's not so good.

I find myself in the evenings and weekends jamming as much information I can shove into my head. I read everything I can. Well, I peruse - it's not actually a full read. I'm getting good at skimming - although I'm sure I miss really important bits of information as a result of perusing. Who knows, perhaps I'm completely miscontruing and misquoting as a result of my severe ADD.

I've got a business idea in mind. One I've floated by a few folks and they've shown sincere interest and encouragement which is different from alot of my other ideas. It's not a virtual technology idea it's a 'part of life' idea. Usually, those kinds of ideas tend to be very successful IF you can greatly improve the part of life experience and IF that part of life doesn't completely morph into something different in the very near future. I'm doing a lot of research to see if there's a future evolution for this; so far, I think I'm safe. So I'm pulling all the information I can on start ups and bootstrapping and capital raising and 'part of life' info.

In addition to this, we're planning another trip to New Orleans at the end of the month and I need a hotel that can accommodate my husband, myself and our 2 year old. Every time we go down we find nice hotels, but they're not quite what we need for the 3 of us. The last place we stayed was gorgeous and well located, but the bed was awful as was the pullout for our 2 year old. Not to mention the fact that it cost us $40/day for parking including the tip and $15 for internet access/day. Talk about a racket.

Needless to say, my brain is feeling more and more like mush. I think I may need to unplug for a while just to refocus on what really matters which is family and the ongoing development of my daughter. Plus, it may help me get rid of some unneeded information in my brain so I can make room for the next obsessive compulsive idea or assignment that I come up with.

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