Apr 29, 2009

TV vs Internet; which do you choose?

I'm noticing at this point in my personal technology adoption, it's almost impossible for me to just watch TV. I am usually online researching, tweeting, blogging or emailing and I have my favorite show on in the background. I can't pay attention to both, so I fade from TV to web depending on what is most interesting. It's definitely caused me to ponder how badly this behavior is amplifying my internet ADD. I have noticed that my attention span these days is at an all time low and I have NO patience when I'm in a setting where I don't have my computer or access to my iPhone/BBerry and I have downtime.

How pervasive is this type of cross media interaction? How many other folks are watching TV while surfing the internet? Am I the only one who can't focus on both at the same level at the same time? Apparently not, based on this blog post - 8 Practical Tips to Cure Your Internet ADD.

I predict that it's only a matter of time before Hollywood introduces a show that works to leverage both mediums. MTV is currently doing a version of this with their new show from Justin Timberlake - "The Phone". I probably shouldn't admit this, but I do have a tendency to zone out to a show or two on MTV/VH1, but this show doesn't really pull me in. It's too complicated to follow - particularly if I'm also on my computer. Still, it's a step toward TRUE cross channel integration and interaction. This goes beyond the 'vote' for your favorite American Idol star -- if the show is live, there's the potential that the crowd can direct how the show ends. In the case of a show like "Big Brother", cross channel interaction could help influence what you see at the moment you're watching it.

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